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The information center of the Association "Selfreliance" offers everyone the opportunity to get help-consultation of qualified specialists online in accordance with the approved work schedule.
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"One in the field is not a warrior!" - a well-known truth, which is difficult to argue with! The need for support,
understanding and assistance remains relevant regardless of age, status and circumstances
we are. Where to go to find reliable information? Where to look for reliability?
How to solve problems? All of these are routine, everyday issues that just suck ours out
energy and time.
Of course, there are many Internet resources, sites, links. And of course, I would not like to
belittle their benefits. However, in fact, they are all helpful only in word and not in deed.
That is why we had the idea to combine our resources of knowledge and capabilities and create
a public organization that would help our community with business HERE and TODAY.
Our target audience is Ukrainians who have faced various complexities
legal, medical issues, or due to certain circumstances, were in trouble
And it's not just words! We created "Sampomich" on the basis of the already existing Credit Credit Company
a powerful Ukrainian information center called the Self-Help Association, which will assist
solving urgent issues of members of our community individually! Anyone will have
the physical ability to ask a specific question, either for advice or for help
qualified specialists.

Our priority tasks:

- Consultation and medical program of the doctor.
-Consultation on systems of personal credit histories.
- Consultations on the real estate market.
- Notary services.
- English language classes.
- Consultation with representatives of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago.
- Consultation with an insurance agent.
- Consultation with a lawyer - immigration, legal and civil issues.
- Classes on the computer program.
- Information selection for job search.
- Constant information support of our activity with the assistance of "Ukrainian Independent
- Constantly updating information about the above services on our website.
We can say with certainty that today we do not even have something
similar in our Ukrainian community. That's why we plan to take this with pride and enthusiasm
free niche and bring the most powerful benefits to our community!


SELFRELIANCE ASSOCIATION has made arrangements for no cost consultations for its members with various professionals at its offices on Chicago Avenue. All services, advice or consultation is being provided solely by the professional and not by SELFRELIANCE ASSOCIATION and SELFRELIANCE ASSOCIATION assumes no responsibility or liability for any such services, advice or consultation provided. SELFRELIANCE ASSOCIATION is not in the business of providing such services, advice or consultation and is not licensed to do so.
Each member has read this disclaimer and understands and agrees that SELFRELIANCE ASSOCIATION is not in the business of providing professional services, advice or consultation of any sort, and understands and agrees that any and all professional services, advice or consultation, is being provided by the professional and the professional is solely responsible for any such services, advice or consultation.



Посвячення офісу

Наші гості на студії незалежного радіо

Сonsecration of the office

Our guests at the studio of independent radio

Інформаційна консультація нашого лікаря

Більше 600 чоловік отримало безкоштовні захисні маски

Information consultation of our doctor

More than 600 people received free protective masks

Консультації з питань нерухомості

Real estate consultation

Директор Асоціації Самопоміч

Director of the Selfreliance Association

Заняття товариства новоприбулих

Classes of the society of newcomers

Регулярні заняття по вивченню англійської мови

Regular classes of English language

Загальні збори організації "Жінки в бізнесі" в приміщенні Асоціації Самопоміч

General meeting of the organization "Women in Business" in the office of Selfreliance Assotiation

Заняття із підготовки до здачі екзамену на громадянство США

Зустріч Генерального консула України із бізнесменами околиці в приміщенні асоціації Самопоміч

Заняття із основ програмування в  асоціації Самопоміч

Classes of preparation for the exam for US citizenship

Meeting of the General Consul of Ukraine with businessmen of ukrainian village in the office of Selfreliance Assotiation

Classes of programming in the office of Selfreliance Assotiation

Курси Здорового Харчування із нутріціологом Вірою Бойчук

Healthy Eating Courses with nutritionist Vira Boichuk


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Our Office

2456 W Chicago Ave, Chicago Il, 60622

Tel: +1 (773)692-1010


Tuesday - Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 am p.m.

Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. p.m.


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