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The real estate market is alive. It is changing. But how?

Although many people in America prefer to live in the city,
some of them, those living in densely populated cities, are beginning to think about the choice
their future residence.
Being close to everything from grocery stores and cafes, cinemas and restaurants, as well as public transport close to the place of work is undoubtedly a great benefit.
However, living in a big city often does not allow the use of the park or courtyard,
dating neighbors, studying in good schools and other much-coveted privileges.
And many people (especially families with children) feel that great inconvenience when they have to stay at home for a longer period of time, as they do now, or during vacations.
So, of course, many of my clients have started to consider buying real estate in the city or suburbs, where the lifestyle is completely different from what you live when you are 20 minutes from downtown (although you rarely go there, especially those who with children, or are not in love with museums or concerts in Grand Park).
But the situation with the pandemic made many people think and change their plans, especially those whose
priorities are Family, Health and Safety.
If you have a house outside the city or in the suburbs and plan to sell it, the number of merchants
has grown, you should know about it.
And if any of you are planning to buy and relocation is a new solution for you-
It is very important, of course, to know what to pay attention to first.
Call - I will answer all your questions. 18 years of experience in real estate, multiplied by
The Customer Trust is the key to our success with you.



Continuing to operate in the context of the crisis that has slowed the country's economy,
we witness conversations and questions, most of which concern the end
quarantine and economic recovery.
In anticipation of the highest incidence of coronavirus, anxiety and fear of
what will happen when businesses finally open up worries many people.
This causes confusion as to what this recovery will actually look like.
With this in mind, it is important to understand how economists use 3 scientific fields to formulate their predictions and find clear answers to key questions.

How has the economy recovered from such stops in the past?
When will the coronavirus be under control? Will there be a new wave of pandemics in the fall?
Or after businesses resume their operations, customers will return to their previous (as before) lives (ie, go to the movies, go to the gym, and play sports, fly and travel).
Despite the uncertainty of the crisis and the economic outlook, we hope that most businesses will resume operations by the end of the first half of the year.
And, in addition, we hope to see a full recovery of the state economy in the second half
this year.
As the public economy returns to life and business, learns new ways to serve its customers, the American spirit of development and growth and prosperity of the economy remains alive and well.


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